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Code of Federal Regulations

CFR 20 Title Page

SSA logo: link to Social Security Online home  §410.675a Late completion of timely investigation.

The Administration may revise a determination or decision after the applicable time period in §410.672(a) or §410.672(b) expires if the Administration begins an investigation to determine whether to revise the determination or decision before the applicable time period expires. The Administration may begin the investigation based either on a request by the party or an action by the Administration. The investigation is a process of gathering facts after a determination or decision has been reopened to determine if a revision of the determination or decision is applicable.

(a) If the Administration has diligently pursued the investigation to its conclusion, the Administration may revise the determination or decision. The revision may be favorable or unfavorable to the party. Diligently pursued means that in light of the facts and circumstances of a particular case, the necessary action was undertaken and carried out as promptly as the circumstances permitted. Diligent pursuit will be presumed to have been met if the Administration concludes the investigation and if necessary, revises the determination or decision within 6 months from the date the Administration begins the investigation.

(b) If the Administration has not diligently pursued the investigation to its conclusion, the administration will revise the determination or decision if a revision is applicable and if it will be favorable to the party. The Administration will not revise the determination or decision if it will be unfavorable to the party.

[49 FR 46370, Nov. 26, 1984]

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