I-2-6-44.Recording Identifying Information on the Hearing Cassette/CD Storage Envelope

Last Update: 9/2/05 (Transmittal I-2-64)

Before the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) calls the hearing to order, the individual assisting the ALJ must identify the case by recording the following information on the hearing cassette/CD storage envelope:

  • claimant's name, spelled out;

  • claimant's SSN;

  • representative's name, spelled out;

  • witness' names, spelled out, and identities (i.e., wife, medical expert, vocational expert, etc.);

  • date of hearing;

  • location of hearing;

  • claim type;

  • name of the ALJ; and

  • name of the HO staff member recording the hearing.

Record the same information on any additional cassette/CD storage envelopes.