I-4-1-50.Court Records Assistant Review and Assembly of Administrative Record in Preparation of Certification — An Overview

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

The principal function of CRAs is the preparation of the CAR. After the CCPRB receives a new court case claim file and hearing transcript and determines that the case will be defended on the record, the staff assigns the case to a CRA. The case may be assigned to the CRA for preparation of the CAR prior to receipt of the hearing recording.

The following outline is a general summary of the required CRA's actions on new court cases. (Detailed CRA processing instructions are in I-4-1-51 through I-4-1-58.) Upon receipt of a new court case, the CRA will:

  • Verify the completeness of the record.

  • Paginate all of the evidentiary and procedural documents in the record and prepare an index for the CAR.

  • Identify the type of certification needed.

  • Retain the claim file shell containing the OHA working papers and forward the exhibits and appropriate procedural documents to the reprographics staff.

  • Upon return of the original documents from the reprographics staff, associate them with the claim file and forward to the Mega-site for storage.

At the discretion of the branch chief or the OS, the claim file may be referred for assignment to a CRA before the hearing transcript is returned by the Contracts Staff. In such a case, the CRA will process the file in two stages. In stage one, the CRA will assemble the record as far as possible without the hearing transcript in file. He or she will then set the file aside awaiting receipt of the hearing transcript. In the second stage, the CRA will complete the assembly process described in sections I-4-1-50 to I-4-1-58 after receiving the hearing transcript.


During this initial work-up of a new court case, the CRA should obtain queries (MBR, SSID, and DDSQ) to determine whether a subsequent application has been allowed. If so, the CRA should bring the case to the attention of the OS, who must refer it to a CCPRB analyst for review.