I-4-1-70.Retention of Claim Files in OAO Branches Following Preparation of the Certified Administrative Record

Last Update: 9/13/05 (Transmittal I-4-15)

After the reprographics staff prepares the appropriate copies of the certified administrative record and returns the claim file to the CCPRB, staff in the CCPRB will record the disposition action on LOTS and route the claim file to the Mega-site. The Mega-site is responsible for controlling and maintaining the claim file for a six month period. During this six month period, the CCPRB may request the file in order to process a court remand or the OAO branch staff may need to access the file to process a Request for Voluntary Remand (RVR). If the claim file remains in the Mega-site, with no activity pending at the conclusion of the six-month period, staff in the Mega-site are responsible for releasing the claim file to the appropriate PSC, FO, etc., and documenting the release of the claim file.