Download and Installation

Note: These instructions describe the installation steps. Dialog boxes may vary with different browsers and operating systems. If you have trouble downloading the software, refer to our Troubleshooting page.

To download the AccuWage and AccuW2C 2013 Software:

  1. On the AccuWage Software page, select "Download AccuWage/AccuW2C – 2013 Tax Year".
  2. You will see a Java screen and then the, "downloading application" screen.
  3. The software will open automatically. The installation creates an AccuWage/AccuW2C 2013 icon on the Desktop and on the Start Menu in the Programs section.

Uninstall Software

Please be aware that Dialog boxes vary with different browsers and operating systems.

To uninstall the AccuWage or AccuW2C software, use one of the following options:

  1. From the Start menu, go to Programs and then to AccuWage or AccuW2C. Select "Uninstall AccuWage/AccuW2C" and follow the directions given; or,
  2. From the Start menu, go to Settings and/or Control Panel. Select "Programs-Uninstall a program", "Add/Remove Programs" or "Programs and Features". When the Uninstall/Change or Add/Remove Programs Properties box opens, select "AccuWage" or "AccuW2C" and then select the "Change/Remove or Uninstall" button and follow the directions given.

AccuWage Help Guide Information

AccuWage and AccuW2C both include a help file within the software, and is accessible from the start menu.
You may also download the software help guides listed under Quick Links.

Assistive Technologies Users

Assistive technologies users who access the Java application using Microsoft Windows may need to download and install the Java Access Bridge. The Java Access Bridge enables assistive technologies, such as the JAWS screen reader, to read Java applications running on the Windows platform. The Java Access Bridge is available from Oracle’s web site here. Oracle also provides Java Access Bridge installation instructions. If you have problems with the Java Access Bridge installation or operation please contact your assistive technology vendor’s customer support center and/or Oracle.

More Information

For more information about the EFW2 and EFW2C formats, or for answers to other questions about wage reporting, please contact an Employer Services Liaison Officer or visit How to Reach Us.