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Student Contributors
School First Name Last Name
Automotive H.S. Russell Remie
Catherine McAuley H.S. Khamiya Nisbett
H.S. for Arts & Business Thomis Ortiz
H.S. for Arts & Business Ravi Purohit
H.S. for Arts & Business Vladimir Yelizerov
Jamaica H.S. Shaquana Irby
Jamaica H.S. Asha McKenzie
Jamaica H.S. Jonnita Moore
Jamaica H.S. Janee Pearson
Jamaica H.S. Dwight Pope
Jamaica H.S. Angela Rivera
Jamaica H.S. Tempestt Schultz
Jamaica H.S. Nsikak Udoh
John F. Kennedy Gregory Green
Nazareth H.S. Melissa Small
Notre Dame Vanessa Clemente
Notre Dame Noelle Indelicato
Notre Dame Mia Saggese
Samuel Gomper H.S. Mhindra Arnold
Samuel Gomper H.S. Herika Cabral
Samuel Gomper H.S. Esther Santiago
Samuel J. Tilden H.S. Sophia Walker
St. Agnes H.S. Danny Correa
St. Agnes H.S. Steven Fernandez
St. Agnes H.S. Kurt Wint
St. Edmund H.S. Pushka Guirand
Stuyvesant H.S. Konstantin Alperovich
Stuyvesant H.S. William Chow
Stuyvesant H.S. Iman Hassan
Washington Irving H.S. Anais Caba
Washington Irving H.S. Raul Luna
Washington Irving H.S. Lalindra Sanichar
Washington Irving H.S. Jashim Ullah

Social Security Staff

Thanks to John E.Shallman and Allen Friedland for their guidance. Special thanks to our Regional Commissioner, Ms. Beatrice M. Disman, for her support of this program!

Everett M. Lo Rosa A. Rodriguez Glen Masi
Karen Khejl Christopher Bowser Bill Rossi

Student contributors
Student contributors
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Student contributors
Student contributors
Student contributors

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