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Thursday, May 10, 2012 Press Office
For Immediate Release

Suspense at Social Security to Continue

Today Show Release of Most Popular Baby Names Postponed Until Monday

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The Social Security Administration has delayed its increasingly popular annual announcement of most popular baby names, which traditionally has occurred the Friday before Mother’s Day.  The agency will postpone the release of this year’s rankings until Commissioner Astrue’s Monday morning appearance on NBC’s Today Show.

Agency officials suggest that people use the time on Friday and over the weekend to visit and check out the Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs that’s available to people with limited income and resources, as well as the new online version of the Social Security Statement, a retirement planning tool which shows workers a history of their past earnings and estimates of their future benefits.

Agency officials also apologize to any expectant mothers (and nervous fathers!) who were anxiously waiting for the new list to choose a name for their child before the baby arrives.