Life Tables for the United States Social Security Area 1900-2100

Actuarial Study No. 116

by : Felicitie C. Bell and Michael L. Miller


Actuarial Study No. 116 displays life tables based on historical and projected mortality in the area covered by the United States Social Security program. This projected mortality was used in estimating the future costs for the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) program included in the 2002 Report of the OASDI Board of Trustees to Congress. A web address for this and other Actuarial Studies is The life tables in this study differ from the U.S. Decennial Life Tables published by the National Center for Health Statistics in conjunction with each decennial census. However, the tables in this study are better suited to studying time trends because, unlike the U.S. decennial tables, they have all been constructed using the same method.

                     Alice H. Wade
                     Deputy Chief Actuary
                     August 31, 2002

Printed copies of the study are available upon request at the Social Security Administration's website,, or by phone--Voice: (410)965-3015, Fax: (410)965-6693.

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