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City names that are among the top 1000 baby names for 2008
City State City
Sex of baby Rank of
baby name
Alexandria Virginia 140,024 Female 189
Aurora Illinois 170,855 Female 288
Austin Texas 743,074 Male 55
Boston Massachusetts 599,351 Male 563
Chandler Arizona 246,399 Male 457
Charlotte North Carolina 671,588 Female 87
Dallas Texas 1,240,499 Male 334
Dayton Ohio 155,461 Male 484
Elizabeth New Jersey 124,862 Female 9
Eugene Oregon 149,004 Male 691
Gilbert Arizona 207,550 Male 728
Houston Texas 2,208,180 Male 880
Jackson Mississippi 175,710 Male 32
Lincoln Nebraska 248,744 Male 212
Madison Wisconsin 228,775 Female 4
Memphis Tennessee 674,028 Male 688
Orlando Florida 227,907 Male 419
Phoenix Arizona 1,552,259 Either sex NA
Savannah Georgia 130,331 Female 33
Warren Michigan 134,223 Male 509
Note: Estimated population figures, as of Jul 10, 2008, are from the Bureau of the Census.
With a population of over 2 million, one might expect Brooklyn, New York, to be on the above list. Although the name Brooklyn is ranked 47 for births in 2008, Brooklyn is technically not an independent city (and has not been one since 1898); it is part of New York City.

There are several cities and towns with populations under 100,000 that are also popular names. A few of these smaller cities are listed below.

Other city names that are among the top 1000 baby names for 2008
City State Sex of baby Rank of
baby name
CampbellCalifornia Female 762
CheyenneWyoming Female 159
CodyWyoming Male 122
EastonPennsylvania Male 302
FrederickMaryland Male 523
HelenaMontana Female 612
KingstonNew York Male 239
LawrenceKansas Male 427
LoganUtah Either sex NA
MasonOhio Male 35
MitchellSouth Dakota Male 337
TrentonNew Jersey Male 196

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