Office of Chief Actuary

  • Actuarial publications include Trustees Reports, SSI Annual Reports, Actuarial Studies and Notes, ...
Program Changes—

Proposals affecting the Social Security program or the SSI program, including those addressing Social Security Trust Fund solvency

  • Letters and memoranda providing estimates for proposals and groups of provisions
  • Individual changes considered for modifying Social Security
  • Cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), national average wage index, taxable maximum, benefit formulas, ...
  • Estimate your Social Security benefit with one of our calculators

Social Security data on—

  • Number of beneficiaries paid, average benefits paid, ...
  • Trust fund assets, income, outgo, interest rates, ...

Downloadable files—

  • Probabilities of death
  • Period life tables
  • Cohort life tables
  • Population of the Social Security area

    General information about the actuary's role at SSA, including a site map for the Office of the Chief Actuary
    Testimony by the Office of the Chief Actuary Staff
    Presentations by the Office of the Chief Actuary Staff