§ 404.383. Special age 72 payment amounts.

(a) Payment from May 1983 on. If you are entitled to special age 72 payments from May 1983 on, you will receive a monthly payment of $125.60. If your spouse is also entitled to special age 72 payments, he or she will also receive $125.60. This amount, first payable for June 1982, will be increased when cost-of-living adjustments of Social Security benefits occur. This special payment may be reduced, suspended or not paid at all as explained in § 404.384.

(b) Payment prior to May 1983. If a husband or a single individual is entitled to special age 72 payments for months prior to May 1983, the amount payable was $125.60 for the months since June 1982. The wife received an amount approximiately one-half the husband's amount (i.e., $63.00 for months in the period June 1982-April 1983).

[49 FR 24116, June 12, 1984]