§ 404.521. Notice to overpaid persons.

Before we request the collection of an overpayment by reduction of Federal and State income tax refunds, we will send a written notice of intent to the overpaid person. In our notice of intent to collect an overpayment through tax refund offset, we will state:

(a) The amount of the overpayment; and

(b) That we will collect the overpayment by requesting that the Department of the Treasury reduce any amounts payable to the overpaid person as refunds of Federal and State income taxes by an amount equal to the amount of the overpayment unless, within 60 calendar days from the date of our notice, the overpaid person:

(1) Repays the overpayment in full; or

(2) Provides evidence to us at the address given in our notice that the overpayment is not past due or legally enforceable; or

(3) Asks us to waive collection of the overpayment under section 204(b) of the Act.

(c) The conditions under which we will waive recovery of an overpayment under section 204(b) of the Act;

(d) That we will review any evidence presented that the overpayment is not past due or not legally enforceable;

(e) That the overpaid person has the right to inspect and copy our records related to the overpayment as determined by us and will be informed as to where and when the inspection and copying can be done after we receive notice from the overpaid person that inspection and copying are requested.

[56 FR 52468, Oct. 21, 1991, as amended at 62 FR 64278, Dec. 5, 1997; 76 FR 65108, Oct. 20, 2011]