§ 404.917. Disability hearing—disability hearing officer's reconsidered determination.

(a) General. The disability hearing officer who conducts your disability hearing will prepare and will also issue a written reconsidered determination, unless:

(1) The disability hearing officer sends the case back for additional development by the component that prepared the case for the hearing, and that component issues a favorable determination, as permitted by § 404.916(c);

(2) It is determined that you are engaging in substantial gainful activity and that you are therefore not disabled; or

(3) The reconsidered determination prepared by the disability hearing officer is reviewed under § 404.918.

(b) Content. The disability hearing officer's reconsidered determination will give the findings of fact and the reasons for the reconsidered determination. The disability hearing officer must base the reconsidered determination on the preponderance of the evidence offered at the disability hearing or otherwise included in your case file.

(c) Notice. We will mail you and the other parties a notice of reconsidered determination in accordance with § 404.922.

(d) Effect. The disability hearing officer's reconsidered determination, or, if it is changed under § 404.918, the reconsidered determination that is issued by the Associate Commissioner for Disability Determinations or his or her delegate, is binding in accordance with § 404.921, subject to the exceptions specified in that section.

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