§ 404.1201. Scope of this subpart regarding coverage and wage reports and adjustments.

This subpart contains the rules of SSA about:

(a) Coverage under section 218 of the Act—

(1) How a State enters into and modifies an agreement; and

(2) What groups of employees a State can cover by agreement.

(b) Contributions, wage reports, and adjustments—for wages paid prior to 1987—

(1) How a State must identify covered employees and what records it must keep on those employees;

(2) Periodic reviews of the source records kept on covered employees;

(3) How and when a State must report wages and pay contributions;

(4) What the State's liability for contributions is and how SSA figures the amount of those contributions;

(5) What happens if a State fails to pay its contributions timely;

(6) How errors in reports and contribution payments are corrected;

(7) How overpayments of contributions are credited or refunded;

(8) How assessments are made if contributions are underpaid; and

(9) How a State can obtain administrative or judicial review of a decision on a credit, refund, or assessment.

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