§ 404.1210. Optionally excluded services.

Certain services and positions may, if the State requests it, be excluded from coverage. These exclusions may be applied on a statewide basis or selectively by coverage groups. They are:

(a) Services in any class or classes of elective positions;

(b) Services in any class or classes of part-time positions;

(c) Services in any class or classes of positions where the pay is on a fee basis;

(d) Any agricultural labor or student services which would also be excluded if performed for a private employer; and

(e) For modifications executed after 1994, services performed by election officials or election workers if the payments for those services in a calendar year are less than $1000 for calendar years after 1994 and before 2000, or, for calendar years after 1999, are less than the $1000 base amount as adjusted pursuant to section 218(c)(8)(B) of the Act to reflect changes in wages in the economy. We will publish this adjustment of the $1000 base amount in the Federal Register on or before November 1 preceding the year for which the adjustment is made.

[53 FR 32976, Aug. 29, 1988, as amended at 61 FR 38367, July 24, 1996]