§ 404.1216. Modification of agreement to correct an error.

(a) General. If an agreement or modification contains an error, the State may correct the error by a subsequent modification to the agreement. For example, the agreement or modification incorrectly lists a covered service as an optionally excluded service or shows an improper effective date of coverage. In correcting this type of error, which affects the extent of coverage, the State must submit a modification along with evidence to establish that the error occurred. However, a modification is not needed to correct minor typographical or clerical errors. For example, an agreement or modification incorrectly lists School District No. 12 as School District No. 13. This type of error can be corrected based on a written request from the appropriate official of the State or interstate instrumentality.

(b) Correction of errors involving erroneous reporting to the IRS—for wages paid prior to 1987. Where a State or political subdivision makes reports and payments to the Internal Revenue Service under the provisions of the Federal Insurance Contributions Act which apply to employees in private employment in the mistaken belief that this action would provide coverage for its employees, the State may provide the desired coverage for those same periods of time by a subsequent modification to its agreement. If State law permits, the State may make that coverage effective with the first day of the first period for which the erroneous reports and payments were made. (In this instance, the limitation on retroactive coverage described in § 404.1215(d) is not applicable.) Where the State does not want to provide such retroactive coverage or is not permitted to do so by State law, the State may provide the coverage for the affected coverage group as of a specified date (§ 404.1215(b)). The coverage would then apply to the services performed by individuals as members of the coverage group

(1) Who were employees on that date, and

(2) Whose wages were erroneously reported to IRS, and

(3) For whom a refund of FICA taxes has not been obtained at the time the Commissioner.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0960–0425)

[53 FR 32976, Aug. 29, 1988, as amended at 62 FR 38451, July 18, 1997; 66 FR 28836, May 25, 2001]