How To Report Wages and Contributions—for Wages Paid Prior to 1987

§ 404.1237. Wage reports and contribution returns—general—for wages paid prior to 1987.

(a) Wage reports. Each State shall report each year the wages paid each covered employee during that year. With the wage report the State shall also identify, as prescribed by SSA, each political subdivision by its assigned identification number and, where appropriate, any coverage group or payroll record unit number assigned.

(b) Wage reports of remuneration for agricultural labor. A State may exclude from its agreement any services of employees the remuneration for which is not wages under section 209(h)(2) of the Act. Section 209(h)(2) excludes as wages the cash remuneration an employer pays employees for agricultural labor which is less than $150 in a calendar year, or, if the employee performs the agricultural labor for the employer on less than 20 days during a calendar year, the cash remuneration computed on a time basis. If a State does exclude the services and the individual meets the cash-pay or 20-day test described in § 404.1056, the State shall identify on the wage report and on any adjustment report each individual performing agricultural labor and the amount paid to her or him.

(c) Contribution returns. The State shall forward the contribution return as set out in § 404.1249(b). It shall make contribution payments under § 404.1262.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0960-0425)

[53 FR 32976, Aug. 29, 1988, as amended at 66 FR 28836, May 25, 2001]