§ 404.1251. Final reports—for wages paid prior to 1987.

If a political subdivision is legally dissolved, the State shall file a final report on that entity. The report shall include each coverage group whose existence ceases with that of the entity. It shall:

(a) Be marked “final report”;

(b) Cover the period during which final payment of wages subject to the agreement is made; and

(c) Indicate the last date wages were paid.

With the final report, the State shall submit a statement showing the title and business address of the State official responsible for keeping the State's records and of each State and local official responsible for keeping the records for each coverage group whose existence is ended. The State shall also identify, as prescribed by SSA, each political subdivision by its assigned number and, where applicable, any coverage group or payroll record unit number assigned.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 0960-0425)

[53 FR 32976, Aug. 29, 1988, as amended at 66 FR 28836, May 25, 2001]