Deemed Insured Status for World II Veterans

§ 404.1350. Deemed insured status.

(a) When deemed insured status applies. If you are the survivor of a World War II veteran, we consider the veteran to have died fully insured as discussed in § 404.111 and we include wage credits in determining your monthly benefit or lump-sum death payment if—

(1) The veteran was separated from active service of the United States before July 27, 1951; and

(2) The veteran died within 3 years after separation from active service and before July 27, 1954.

(b) Amount of credit given for deemed insured World War II veterans. (1) When we compute a survivor's benefit or lump-sum death payment, we give credit for—

(i) $200 (for increment year purposes) for each calendar year in which the veteran had at least 30 days of active service beginning September 16, 1940, through 1950; and

(ii) An average monthly wage of $160.

(2) If the World War II veteran was fully or currently insured without the wage credits, we add increment years (years after 1936 and prior to 1951 in which the veteran had at least $200 in creditable earnings) to the increment years based on the veteran's wages.