§ 404.1407. When railroad retirement benefits do not bar payment of social security benefits.

The provisions of § 404.1406 shall not operate if:

(a) The survivor is, or upon filing application would be, entitled to a monthly benefit with respect to the death of an insured individual for a month prior to January 1947, if such monthly benefit is greater in amount than the survivor annuity payable to such survivor after 1946 under the Railroad Retirement Act; or

(b) The residual lump-sum payment provided by section 6(c) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974 (or section 5(f)(2) of the Railroad Retirement Act of 1937 prior to the 1974 Act) with respect to the death of an insured individual is paid by the Railroad Retirement Board pursuant to an irrevocable election filed with the Board by the widow, widower, or parent of such individual to waive all future annuities or benefits based on the combined record of earnings and compensation to which such widow, widower or parent might become entitled, but only to the extent that widow's, widower's or parent's benefits may be payable under the regulations of this part to such widow, widower or parent, as the case may be, solely on the basis of the wages and self-employment income of such deceased individual and without regard to any compensation which may be treated as wages pursuant to § 404.1408.

[42 FR 18273, Apr. 6, 1977]