§ 404.1410. Presumption on basis of certified compensation record.

(a) Years prior to 1975. Where the Railroad Retirement Board certifies to SSA a report of record of compensation, such compensation is treated as wages under § 404.1408. For periods of service which do not identify the months or quarters in which such compensation was paid, the sum of the compensation quarters of coverage (see § 404.1412) will be presumed, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, to represent an equivalent number of quarters of coverage (see § 404.101). No more than four quarters of coverage shall be credited to an individual in a single calendar year.

(b) Years after 1974. Compensation paid in a calendar year will, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, be presumed to have been paid in equal proportions with respect to all months in the year in which the employee will have been in railroad service. (For years prior to 1975, see § 404.1412.)

(c) Allocation of compensation to months of service. If by means of the presumptions in this section an individual does not have an insured status (see subpart B of this part) on the basis of quarters of coverage with which he is credited, or a deceased individual's primary insurance amount (see § 404.201) may be affected because he attained age 22 after 1936, the Administration may request the Railroad Retirement Board to furnish a report of the months in which such individual rendered service for compensation which is treated as wages under § 404.1408 if it appears the identification of such months may result in an insured status or if it will affect such primary insurance amount.

(d) Effect of self-employment income and maximum earnings. However, if such individual also had self-employment income for a taxable year and the sum of such income and wages (including compensation which is treated as wages under § 404.1408) paid to or received by him during such taxable year equals the following amounts, each calendar quarter any part of which falls in such taxable year, shall be a quarter of coverage:

(1) After 1950 and prior to 1955, equals $3,600 of remuneration;

(2) After 1954 and prior to 1959, equals $4,200 of remuneration;

(3) After 1958 and prior to 1966, equals $4,800 of remuneration;

(4) After 1965 and prior to 1968, equals $6,600 of remuneration;

(5) After 1967 and beginning prior to 1972, equals $7,800 of remuneration (including a fiscal year which began in 1971 and ended in 1972);

(6) Beginning after 1971 and prior to 1973, equals $9,000 of remuneration;

(7) Beginning after 1972 and prior to 1974, equals $10,800 of remuneration;

(8) Beginning after 1973 and prior to 1975, equals $13,200 of remuneration;

(9) Beginning after 1974 and prior to 1976, equals $14,100 of remuneration;

(10) Beginning after 1975 and prior to 1977, equals $15,300 of remuneration; or

(11) Beginning after 1976, and amount equal to the contribution and benefit base as determined under section 230 of the Social Security Act which is effective for such calendar year.

This subsection is an exception to the rule in paragraph (a) of this section concerning a presumption applicable to conversion of railroad compensation into quarters of coverage for years prior to 1975.

[42 FR 18273, Apr. 6, 1977, as amended at 65 FR 16814, Mar. 30, 2000]