Continuing or Stopping Disability

§ 404.1588. Your responsibility to tell us of events that may change your disability status.

(a) Your responsibility to report changes to us. If you are entitled to cash benefits or to a period of disability because you are disabled, you should promptly tell us if—

(1) Your condition improves;

(2) You return to work;

(3) You increase the amount of your work; or

(4) Your earnings increase.

(b) Our responsibility when you report your work to us. When you or your representative report changes in your work activity to us under paragraphs (a)(2), (a)(3), and (a)(4) of this section, we will issue a receipt to you or your representative at least until a centralized computer file that records the information that you give us and the date that you make your report is in place. Once the centralized computer file is in place, we will continue to issue receipts to you or your representative if you request us to do so.

[71 FR 66866, Nov. 17, 2006]