§ 404.2117. What costs will be paid.

In accordance with section 222(d) of the Social Security Act, the Commissioner will pay the State VR agency for the VR services described in § 404.2114 which were provided during the period described in § 404.2115 and which meet the criteria in § 404.2111 or § 404.2112, but subject to the following limitations:

(a) The cost must have been incurred by the State VR agency;

(b) The cost must not have been paid or be payable from some other source. For this purpose, State VR agencies will be required to seek payment or services from other sources in accordance with the “similar benefit” provisions under 34 CFR part 361, including making maximum efforts to secure grant assistance in whole or part from other sources for training or training services in institutions of higher education.

(c)(1) The cost must be reasonable and necessary, in that it complies with the written cost-containment policies of the State VR agency. A cost which complies with these policies will be considered necessary only if the cost is for a VR service described in § 404.2114. The State VR agency must maintain and use these cost-containment policies, including any reasonable and appropriate fee schedules, to govern the costs incurred for all VR services, including the rates of payment for all purchased services, for which payment will be requested under this subpart. For the purpose of this subpart, the written cost-containment policies must provide guidelines designed to ensure—

(i) The lowest reasonable cost for such services; and

(ii) Sufficient flexibility so as to allow for an individual's needs.

(2) The State VR agency shall submit to us before the end of the first calendar quarter of each year a written statement certifying that cost-containment policies are in effect and are adhered to in procuring and providing goods and services for which the State VR agency requests payment under this subpart. Such certification must be signed by the State's chief financial official or the head of the VR agency. Each certification must specify the basis upon which it is made, e.g., a recent audit by an authorized State, Federal or private auditor (or other independent compliance review) and the date of such audit (or compliance review). We may request the State VR agency to submit to us a copy(ies) of its specific written cost-containment policies and procedures (e.g., any guidelines and fee schedules for a given year) if we determine that such additional information is necessary to ensure compliance with the requirements of this subpart. The State VR agency must provide such information when requested by us.

(d) The total payment in each case, including any prior payments related to earlier continuous 9-month periods of SGA made under this subpart, must not be so high as to preclude a “net saving” to the trust funds (a “net saving” is the difference between the estimated saving to the trust funds, if disability benefits eventually terminate, and the total amount we pay to the State VR agency);

(e) Any payment to the State VR agency for either direct or indirect VR expenses must be consistent with the cost principles described in OMB Circular No. A–87, as revised;

(f) Payment for VR services or costs may be made under more than one of the VR payment provisions described in §§ 404.2111 and 404.2112 of this subpart and similar provisions in §§ 416.2211 and 416.2212 of subpart V of part 416. However, payment will not be made more than once for the same VR service or cost; and

(g) Payment will be made for administrative costs and for counseling and placement costs. This payment may be on a formula basis, or on an actual cost basis, whichever the State VR agency prefers. The formula will be negotiated. The payment will also be subject to the preceding limitations.

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