Subpart D—Administrative Law Judge Hearing

§ 405.301. Hearing before an administrative law judge—general.

(a) This subpart explains what to do if you are dissatisfied with a reconsidered determination or an initial determination subject to a hearing by an administrative law judge under the procedures in this part as a result of § 404.906(b)(4) or § 416.1406(b)(4) of this chapter. In it, we describe how you may ask for a hearing before an administrative law judge, and what procedures we will follow when you ask for a hearing.

(b) The Commissioner will appoint an administrative law judge to conduct the hearing. If circumstances warrant after making the appointment (for example, if the administrative law judge becomes unavailable), the Commissioner may assign your claim to another administrative law judge.

(c) You may examine the evidence used in making the decision or determination under review, submit evidence, appear at the hearing, and present and question witnesses. The administrative law judge may ask you questions and will issue a decision based on the hearing record. If you waive your right to appear at the hearing, the administrative law judge will make a decision based on the evidence that is in the file, any new evidence that is timely submitted, and any evidence that the administrative law judge obtains.

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