§ 405.320. Administrative law judge hearing procedures—general.

(a) General. A hearing is open only to you and to other persons the administrative law judge considers necessary and proper. The administrative law judge will conduct the proceedings in an orderly and efficient manner. At the hearing, the administrative law judge will look fully into all of the issues raised by your claim, will question you and the other witnesses, and will accept any evidence relating to your claim that you submit in accordance with § 405.331.

(b) Conduct of the hearing. The administrative law judge will decide the order in which the evidence will be presented. The administrative law judge may stop the hearing temporarily and continue it at a later date if he or she decides that there is evidence missing from the record that must be obtained before the hearing may continue. At any time before the notice of the decision is sent to you, the administrative law judge may hold a supplemental hearing in order to receive additional evidence, consistent with the procedures described below.

[71 FR 16446, Mar. 31, 2006, as amended at 76 FR 24809, May 3, 2011]