§ 405.340. Deciding a claim without a hearing before an administrative law judge.

(a) Decision fully favorable. If the evidence in the record supports a decision fully in your favor, the administrative law judge may issue a decision without holding a hearing. However, the notice of the decision will inform you that you have the right to a hearing and that you have a right to examine the evidence on which the decision is based.

(b) You do not wish to appear. The administrative law judge may decide a claim on the record and not conduct a hearing if—

(1) You state in writing that you do not wish to appear at a hearing, or

(2) You live outside the United States and you do not inform us that you want to appear.

(c) When a hearing is not held, the administrative law judge will make a record of the evidence, which, except for the transcript of the hearing, will contain the material described in § 405.360. The decision of the administrative law judge must be based on this record.

[71 FR 16446, Mar. 31, 2006, as amended at 75 FR 33168, June 11, 2010]