§ 405.350. Presenting evidence at a hearing before an administrative law judge.

(a) The right to appear and present evidence. You have a right to appear before the administrative law judge, either in person or, when the administrative law judge determines that the conditions in § 405.315(c) exist, by video teleconferencing or telephone, to present evidence and to state your position. You also may appear by means of a designated representative.

(b) Admissible evidence. The administrative law judge may receive any evidence at the hearing that he or she believes relates to your claim.

(c) Witnesses at a hearing. Witnesses who appear at a hearing shall testify under oath or by affirmation, unless the administrative law judge finds an important reason to excuse them from taking an oath or making an affirmation. The administrative law judge, you, or your representative may ask the witnesses any questions relating to your claim.

[71 FR 16446, Mar. 31, 2006, as amended at 79 FR 35933, June 25, 2014]