Subpart G—Reopening and Revising Determinations and Decisions

§ 405.601. Reopening and revising determinations and decisions.

(a) Subject to paragraph (b), the reopening procedures of §§ 404.987 through 404.996 of this chapter apply to title II claims and the procedures of §§ 416.1487 through 416.1494 of this chapter apply to title XVI claims.

(b) When we have issued a final decision after a hearing on a claim that you seek to have reopened, for purposes of this part, the time frames for good cause under §§ 404.988(b) and 416.1488(b) of this chapter are six months from the date of the final decision and we will not find that “new and material evidence” under §§ 404.989(a)(1) and 416.1489(a)(1) of this chapter is a basis for good cause.

[71 FR 16446, Mar. 31, 2006; 71 FR 17990, Apr. 10, 2006]