§ 408.325. When is your application considered filed?

(a) General rule. We consider an application for SVB filed on the day it is received by an SSA employee at one of our offices, by an SSA employee who is authorized to receive it at a place other than one of our offices, or by any office of the U.S. Foreign Service or by the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in the Philippines.

(b) Exceptions. (1) When we receive an application that is mailed, we will use the date shown by the United States postmark as the filing date if using the date we receive it would result in your entitlement to additional benefits. If the postmark is unreadable, or there is no United States postmark, we will use the date the application is signed (if dated) or 5 days before the day we receive the signed application, whichever date is later.

(2) We consider an application to be filed on the date of the filing of a written statement or the making of an oral inquiry under the conditions in §§ 408.340 and 408.345.

(3) We will establish a deemed filing date of an application in a case of misinformation under the conditions described in § 408.351. The filing date of the application will be a date determined under § 408.351(b).