§ 411.590. What can an EN do if the EN disagrees with our decision on a payment request?

(a) If an EN other than a State VR agency has a payment dispute with us, the dispute shall be resolved under the dispute resolution procedures contained in the EN's agreement with us.

(b) If a State VR agency serving a beneficiary as an EN has a dispute with us regarding payment under an EN payment system, the State VR agency may, within 60 days of receiving notice of our decision, request reconsideration in writing. The State VR agency must send the request for reconsideration to the PM. The PM will forward to us the request for reconsideration and a recommendation. We will notify the State VR agency of our reconsidered decision in writing.

(c) An EN (including a State VR agency) cannot appeal determinations we make about an individual's right to benefits (e.g. determinations that disability benefits should be suspended, terminated, continued, denied, or stopped or started on a different date than alleged). Only the beneficiary or applicant or his or her representative can appeal these determinations. See §§ 404.900 et seq. and 416.1400 et seq. of this chapter.

(d) Determinations or decisions we make about a beneficiary's right to benefits may cause payments we have already made to an EN (or denial of payment to an EN) to be incorrect, resulting in an underpayment or overpayment to the EN. If this happens, we will make any necessary adjustments to future payments (see § 411.555). See § 411.555(c) for when we will not make an adjustment in a case in which an overpayment results from a determination or decision we make about a beneficiary's right to benefits.) While an EN cannot appeal our determination about an individual's right to benefits, the EN may furnish any evidence the EN has which relates to the issue(s) to be decided on appeal if the individual appeals our determination.

[66 FR 67420, Dec. 28, 2001, as amended at 73 FR 29351, May 20, 2008]