§ 416.250. Experimental, pilot, and demonstration projects in the SSI program.

(a) Authority and purpose. Section 1110(b) of the Act authorizes the Commissioner to develop and conduct experimental, pilot, and demonstration projects to promote the objectives or improve the administration of the SSI program. These projects will test the advantages of altering certain requirements, conditions, or limitations for recipients and test different administrative methods that apply to title XVI applicants and recipients.

(b) Altering benefit requirements, limitations or conditions. Notwithstanding any other provision of this part, the Commissioner is authorized to waive any of the requirements, limitations or conditions established under title XVI of the Act and impose additional requirements, limitations or conditions for the purpose of conducting experimental, pilot, or demonstration projects. The projects will alter the provisions that currently apply to applicants and recipients to test their effect on the program. If, as a result of participation in a project under this section, a project participant becomes ineligible for Medicaid benefits, the Commissioner shall make arrangements to extend Medicaid coverage to such participant and shall reimburse the States for any additional expenses incurred due to such continued participation.

(c) Applicability and scope —(1) Participants and nonparticipants. If you are selected to participate in an experimental, pilot, or demonstration project, we may temporarily set aside one or more current requirements, limitations or conditions of eligibility and apply alternative provisions to you. We may also modify current methods of administering title XVI as part of a project and apply alternative procedures or policies to you. The alternative provisions or methods of administration used in the projects will not substantially reduce your total income or resources as a result of your participation or disadvantage you in comparison to current provisions, policies, or procedures. If you are not selected to participate in the experimental, or pilot, or demonstration projects (or if you are placed in a control group which is not subject to the alternative requirements, limitations, or conditions) we will continue to apply the current requirements, limitations or conditions of eligibility to you.

(2) Alternative provisions or methods of administration. The alternative requirements, limitations or conditions that apply to you in an experimental, pilot, or demonstration project may include any of the factors needed for aged, blind, or disabled persons to be eligible for SSI benefits. Experiments that we conduct will include, to the extent feasible, applicants and recipients who are under age 18 as well as adults and will include projects to ascertain the feasibility of treating drug addicts and alcoholics.

(d) Selection of participants. Participation in the SSI project will be on a voluntary basis. The voluntary written consent necessary in order to participate in any experimental, pilot, or demonstration project may be revoked by the participant at any time.

(e) Duration of experimental, pilot, and demonstration projects. A notice describing each experimental, pilot, or demonstration project will be published in the Federal Register before each project is placed in operation. Each experimental, pilot and demonstration project will have a termination date (up to 10 years from the start of the project).

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