§ 416.571. 10-percent limitation of recoupment rate—overpayment.

Any adjustment or recovery of an overpayment for an individual in current payment status is limited in amount in any month to the lesser of (1) the amount of the individual's benefit payment for that month or (2) an amount equal to 10 percent of the individual's total income (countable income plus SSI and State supplementary payments) for that month. The countable income used is the countable income used in determining the SSI and State supplementary payments for that month under § 416.420. When the overpaid individual is notified of the proposed SSI and/or federally administered State supplementary overpayment adjustment or recovery, the individual will be given the opportunity to request that such adjustment or recovery be made at a higher or lower rate than that proposed. If a lower rate is requested, a rate of withholding that is appropriate to the financial condition of the overpaid individual will be set after an evaluation of all the pertinent facts. An appropriate rate is one that will not deprive the individual of income required for ordinary and necessary living expenses. This will include an evaluation of the individual's income, resources, and other financial obligations. The 10-percent limitation does not apply where it is determined that the overpayment occurred because of fraud, willful misrepresentation, or concealment of material information committed by the individual or his or her spouse. Concealment of material information means an intentional, knowing, and purposeful delay in making or failure to make a report that will affect payment amount and/or eligibility. It does not include a mere omission on the part of the recipient; it is an affirmative act to conceal. The 10-percent limitation does not apply to the recovery of overpayments incurred under agreements to dispose of resources pursuant to § 416.1240. In addition, the 10-percent limitation does not apply to the reduction of any future SSI benefits as a consequence of the misuse of funds set aside in accordance with § 416.1231(b) to meet burial expenses. Adjustment or recovery will be suspended if the recipient is subject to a reduced benefit rate under § 416.414 because of residing in a medical treatment facility in which Medicaid is paying a substantial portion of the recipient's cost of care.

[55 FR 33669, Aug. 17, 1990, as amended at 72 FR 50874, Sept. 5, 2007]