§ 416.993. Medical evidence in continuing disability review cases.

(a) General. If you are entitled to benefits because you are disabled, we will have your case file with the supporting medical evidence previously used to establish or continue your entitlement. Generally, therefore, the medical evidence we will need for a continuing disability review will be that required to make a current determination or decision as to whether you are still disabled, as defined under the medical improvement review standard. See §§ 416.987 and 416.994.

(b) Obtaining evidence from your medical sources. You must provide us with reports from your physician, psychologist, or others who have treated or evaluated you, as well as any other evidence that will help us determine if you are still disabled. See § 416.912. You must have a good reason for not giving us this information or we may find that your disability has ended. See § 416.994(e)(2). lf we ask you, you must contact your medical sources to help us get the medical reports. We will make every reasonable effort to help you in getting medical reports when you give us permission to request them from your physician, psychologist, or other medical sources. See § 416.912(b)(1)(i) concerning what we mean by every reasonable effort. In some instances, such as when a source is known to be unable to provide certain tests or procedures or is known to be nonproductive or uncooperative, we may order a consultative examination while awaiting receipt of medical source evidence. See § 416.912(b)(1)(ii). See § 416.912(c).

(c) When we will purchase a consultative examination. A consultative examination may be purchased when we need additional evidence to determine whether or not your disability continues. As a result, we may ask you, upon our request and reasonable notice, to undergo consultative examinations and tests to help us determine if you are still disabled. See § 416.917. We will decide whether or not to purchase a consultative examination in accordance with the standards in §§ 416.919a through 416.919b.

[56 FR 36970, Aug. 1, 1991, as amended at 65 FR 16815, Mar. 30, 2000; 82 FR 5882, Jan. 18, 2017]