§ 416.1026. Fiscal.

(a) We will give the State funds, in advance or by way of reimbursement, for necessary costs in making disability determinations under these regulations. Necessary costs are direct as well as indirect costs as defined in 41 CFR part 1-15, subpart 1-15.7 of the Federal Procurement Regulations System for costs incurred before April 1, 1984; and 48 CFR part 31, subpart 31.6 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations System and Federal Management Circular A-74-4  [1]  as amended or superseded for costs incurred after March 31, 1984.

(b) The State will submit estimates of anticipated costs in the form of a budget at the time and in the manner we require.

(c) We will notify the State of the amount which will be made available to it as well as what anticipated costs are being approved.

(d) The State may not incur or make expenditures for items of cost not approved by us or in excess of the amount we make available to the State.

(e) After the close of a period for which funds have been made available to the State, the State will submit a report of its expenditures. Based on an audit arranged by the State under Pub. L. 98-502, the Single Audit Act of 1984, or by the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration or based on an audit or review by the Social Security Administration (see § 416.1027), we will determine whether the expenditures were consistent with cost principles described in 41 CFR part 1-15, subpart 1-15.7 for costs incurred before April 1, 1984; and 48 CFR part 31, subpart 31.6 and Federal Management Circular A-74-4 for costs incurred after March 31, 1984; and in other applicable written guidelines in effect at the time the expenditures were made or incurred.

(f) Any monies paid to the State which are used for purposes not within the scope of these regulations will be paid back to the Treasury of the United States.

[46 FR 29211, May 29, 1981, as amended at 56 FR 11022, Mar. 14, 1991; 62 FR 38455, July 18, 1997]

[1]   The circular is available from the Office of Administration, Publications Unit, Rm. G-236, New Executive Office Bldg., Washington, DC 20503.