§ 416.1151. How we treat the repair or replacement of lost, damaged, or stolen resources.

(a) General rule. If a resource is lost, damaged, or stolen, you may receive cash to repair or replace it or the resource may be repaired or replaced for you. We do not count the cash or the repair or replacement of the resource as your income.

(b) Interest on cash for repair or replacement of a noncash resource. We do not count any interest earned on the cash you receive for repair or replacement of a noncash resource if the interest is earned within 9 months of the date you receive the cash. We can extend the 9-month period for up to an additional 9 months if we find you have good cause for not repairing or replacing the resource within the initial period. Good cause exists, for example, if you show that circumstances beyond your control prevent the repair or replacement, or contracting for the repair or replacement, of the resource within the first 9-month period.

(c) Temporary replacement of a damaged or destroyed home. In determining the amount of in-kind support and maintenance you receive (§§ 416.1130 through 416.1140), we do not count temporary housing if—

(1) Your excluded home is damaged or destroyed, and

(2) You receive the temporary housing only until your home is repaired or replaced.