Subpart S—Interim Assistance Provisions

Authority: Secs. 702(a)(5) and 1631 of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 902(a)(5) and 1383).

Source: 46 FR 47449, Sept. 27, 1981, unless otherwise noted.


§ 416.1901. Scope of subpart S.

(a) General. This subpart explains that we may withhold your SSI benefit and/or State supplementary payments and send them to the State (or a political subdivision of the State) as repayment for interim assistance it gave you while your application for SSI was pending, or while your SSI benefits were suspended or terminated if you are subsequently found to have been eligible for such benefits. Before we will do this, the State must have entered into an interim assistance agreement with us authorizing such reimbursement, and you must have given written authorization for us to repay the State (or a political subdivision of the State).

(b) Organization of this subpart. We have organized this subpart as follows:

(1) Definitions. Section 416.1902 contains definitions of terms used in this subpart.

(2) Authorizations. Sections 416.1904 through 416.1908 give the rules that apply to your written authorization.

(3) Interim assistance agreements. Section 416.1910 gives the requirements for interim assistance agreements between us and the State.

(4) Appeals. Sections 416.1920 through 416.1922 describe your appeal rights in the State and in SSA.

[46 FR 47449, Sept. 27, 1981, as amended at 56 FR 19262, Apr. 26, 1991]