§ 416.2030. Optional supplementation: Variations in payments.

(a) Payment level. The level of State supplementary payments may vary for each category the State elects to include in its federally administered supplement. These categorical variations of payment levels must be specified in the agreement between the Commissioner and the State. If any State has in effect for July 1974 an agreement which provides for variations in addition to those specified in this section, the State may, at its option, continue such variations but only for periods ending before July 1, 1976.

(1) Geographical variations. A State may elect to include two different geographical variations. A third may be elected if adequate justification, e.g., substantial differences in living costs, can be demonstrated. All such variations must be readily identifiable by county or ZIP code or other readily identifiable factor.

(2) Living arrangements. In addition, a State may elect up to six variations in recognition of the different needs which result from various living arrangements. If a State elects six payment level variations based on differences in living arrangements, one of these six variations must apply only to individuals in Medicaid facilities, that is, facilities receiving title XIX payments with respect to such persons for the cost of their care (see § 416.211(b)(1)). In any event, States are limited to one payment level variation for residents of Medicaid facilities. Types of other living arrangements for which payment variations may be allowed include arrangements such as:

(i) Living alone;

(ii) Living with an ineligible spouse;

(iii) Personal care facility; or,

(iv) Domiciliary or congregate care facility.

(b) Relationship to actual cost differences. Under the agreement, variations in State supplementary payment levels will be permitted for each living arrangement the State elects. These differences must be based on rational distinctions between both the types of living arrangements and the costs of those arrangements.

(c) Effective month of State supplementary payment category. The State supplementary payment category which applies in the current month will be used to determine the State payment level in that month. This rule applies even if the countable income in a prior month is used to determine the amount of State supplementary payment.

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