§ 416.2060. Mandatory minimum supplementary payments not applicable.

An individual eligible for mandatory minimum supplementary payments from a State beginning in January 1974 shall not be eligible for such payments:

(a) Month after the month of death. Beginning with the month after the month in which the individual dies; or

(b) Not aged, blind, or disabled. Beginning with the first month after the month in which such individual ceases to be an aged, blind, or disabled individual (as defined in § 416.202); or

(c) Not entitled to a Federal payment. During any month in which such individual was ineligible to receive supplemental income benefits under title XVI of the Social Security Act by reason of the provisions of section 1611(e) (1)(A), (2) or (3), 1611(f), or 1615(c) of such Act; or

(d) Month of change in residence. During any full month such individual is not a resident of such State.