§ 416.2130. Effect of the agreement and responsibilities of States.

(a) An agreement under this subpart does not change—

(1) The provisions of a State's Medicaid plan;

(2) The conditions under which the Secretary will approve a State's Medicaid plan; or

(3) A State's responsibilities under the State Medicaid plan.

(b) Following are examples of functions we will not agree to carry out for the State:

(1) Stationing of our employees at hospitals or nursing homes to take Medicaid applications;

(2) Determining whether a person is eligible for Medicaid for any period before he or she applied for SSI benefits;

(3) Giving approval for emergency medical care under Medicaid before a determination has been made on whether a person is eligible for SSI benefits;

(4) Setting up or running a State's system for requiring a person to pay part of the cost of services he or she receives under Medicaid; or

(5) Giving identification cards to people to show that they are eligible for Medicaid.