§ 416.2171. Duration of agreement.

An agreement under this subpart is automatically renewed for 1 year at the end of the term stated in the agreement and again at the end of each 1-year renewal term, unless—

(a) The State and we agree in writing to end it at any time;

(b) Either the State or we end it at any time without the other's consent by giving written notice at least 90 days before the end of a term, or 120 days before any other ending date selected by whoever wants to end the agreement; or

(c)(1) The State fails to pay our costs as agreed;

(2) We notify the State in writing, at least 30 days before the ending date we select, why we intend to end the agreement; and

(3) The State does not give a good reason for keeping the agreement in force beyond the ending date we selected. If the State does provide a good reason, the termination will be postponed or the agreement will be kept in force until the end of the term.