§ 416.2206. Basic qualifications for alternate participants.

(a) General. We may arrange for VR services through an alternate participant by written agreement or contract as explained in § 416.2204(f). An alternate participant may be a public or private agency, organization, institution or individual (that is, any entity whether for-profit or not-for-profit), other than a State VR agency.

(1) An alternate participant must—

(i) Be licensed, certified, accredited, or registered, as appropriate, to provide VR services in the State in which it provides services; and

(ii) Under the terms of the written contract or agreement, have a plan similar to the State plan described in § 416.2204(a) which shall govern the provision of VR services to individuals.

(2) We will not use as an alternate participant any agency, organization, institution, or individual—

(i) Whose license, accreditation, certification, or registration is suspended or revoked for reasons concerning professional competence or conduct or financial integrity;

(ii) Who has surrendered such license, accreditation, certification, or registration pending a final determination of a formal disciplinary proceeding; or

(iii) Who is precluded from Federal procurement or nonprocurement programs.

(b) Standards for the provision of VR services. An alternate participant's plan must provide, among other things, that the provision of VR services to individuals will meet certain minimum standards, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) All medical and related health services furnished will be prescribed by, or provided under the formal supervision of, persons licensed to prescribe or supervise the provision of these services in the State;

(2) Only qualified personnel and rehabilitation facilities will be used to furnish VR services; and

(3) No personnel or rehabilitation facility described in paragraph (a)(2)(i), (ii), or (iii) of this section will be used to provide VR services.

[59 FR 11918, Mar. 15, 1994]