§ 416.2209. Responsibility for making payment decisions.

The Commissioner will decide:

(a) Whether a continuous period of 9 months of SGA has been completed;

(b) Whether a disability or blindness recipient whose disability or blindness has ceased should continue to receive benefits under section 1631(a)(6) of the Social Security Act for a month after October 1984 or, in the case of a blindness recipient, for a month after March 1988, based on his or her continued participation in a VR program;

(c) If and when medical recovery has occurred;

(d) Whether documentation of VR services and expenditures is adequate;

(e) If payment is to be based on completion of a continuous 9-month period of SGA, whether the VR services contributed to the continuous period of SGA;

(f) Whether a VR service is a service described in § 416.2214; and

(g) What VR costs were reasonable and necessary and will be paid.

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