§ 418.3510. When would an increase, reduction or termination start?

We are required to give you a written notice of our proposed action before increasing, reducing, or terminating your subsidy. We will not give this advance notice where we have factual information confirming your death, such as through a report by your surviving spouse, a legal guardian, a close relative, or a landlord. The notice will tell you the first month that we plan to make the change. The notice will also give you appeal rights which are explained in detail in §§ 418.3601 through 418.3670. Your appeal rights for a reduction or termination will include the right to continue to receive your subsidy at the previously established level until there is a decision on your appeal request if your appeal is filed within 10 days after you receive our notice. You will not be required to pay back any subsidy you received while your appeal was pending.