§ 429.210. Do I have any appeal rights under this subpart?

(a) Deciding Official. While you may not appeal the decision of the SSA Claims Officer in regard to claims under the MPCECA, the SSA Claims Officer may, at his or her discretion, reconsider his or her determination of a claim.

(b) Claimant. You may request reconsideration from the SSA Claims Officer by sending a written request for reconsideration to the SSA Claims Officer within 30 days of the date of the original determination. You must clearly state the factual or legal basis upon which you base your request for a more favorable determination. Reconsideration will be granted only for reasons not available or not considered during the original decision.

(c) Notification. The SSA Claims Officer will send you a written determination on your request for reconsideration. If the SSA Claims Officer elects to reconsider your claim, the final determination on reconsideration is final and conclusive.