P.L. 101–41, Approved June 21, 1989 (103 Stat. 83)

Puyallup Tribe of Indians Settlement Act of 1989

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(b)  Eligibility for Federal Programs; Trust Responsibility.—Nothing in this Act or the Settlement Agreement shall affect the eligibility of the Tribe or any of its members for any Federal program or the trust responsibility of the United States and its agencies to the Tribe and members of the Tribe.

(c)  Permanent Trust Fund Not Counted for Certain Purposes.—None of the funds, assets, or income from the trust fund established in section 6(b) shall at any time be used as a basis for denying or reducing funds to the Tribe or its members under any Federal, State, or local program.

(d)  Tax Treatment of Funds and Assets.—None of the funds or assets transferred to the Tribe or its members by the Settlement Agreement of this Act, and none of the interest earned or income received on amounts in the funds established under section 6(a) and (b), shall be deemed to be taxable, nor shall such transfers be taxable events.

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[Internal References.—SSAct §§2(a), 1002(a), 1402(a), 1602(a)(State) 1612(b) and 1613(a) have footnotes referring to Appendix K (this Volume) which provides a list of Federal law provisions, including P.L. 101-41, §10(b)-(d), relating to income and resources.]