I-1-2-120.Exhibit — ALJ or AAJ Approves Latest-Dated Fee Agreement After Determination in Subsequent Application Is Reopened

Last Update: 9/9/04 (Transmittal I-1-47)

Earlier, we notified you that the determination dated [Date of determination on subsequent application] on the application you filed on [Date of subsequent application] was reopened. That action also vacated the approval, dated [Date of fee agreement approval in subsequent application], of the fee agreement filed with that application.

I approve the fee agreement dated [Date of latest-dated fee agreement] between you and your representative, subject to the condition that the claim results in past-due benefits. My determination is limited to whether the fee agreement meets the statutory conditions for approval and is not otherwise excepted from the fee agreement process. I neither approve nor disapprove any other aspect of the fee agreement.


You or your representative may ask us to review the determination on the fee agreement. If you decide to ask us for a review, write us within 15 days from the day you get this order. Tell us that you disagree and give your reasons. Send your request to this address:

[If an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) approved fee agreement:

Name and address of Regional Chief ALJ who has jurisdiction over the claimant's servicing hearing office. Refer to the OCALJ staff listing for this information.

If an Administrative Appeals Judge approved fee agreement:

Social Security Administration
Office of Appellate Operations
Attn: Attorney Fee Branch
6401 Security Blvd
Baltimore, MD 21235-6401]

Your representative also has 15 days to write us if your representative does not agree with the determination on the fee agreement.

You should include the social security number(s) shown on this order on any papers that you send us.