I-1-2-18.Multiple Representatives and Approved Fee Agreement

Last Update: 5/6/20 (Transmittal I-1-95)

If the claimant has more than one duly appointed representative and the decision maker approves the fee agreement signed by the claimant and his or her representatives, the appropriate Social Security Administration (SSA) effectuating component will divide the fee authorized under the fee agreement process between or among the appointed representatives. The decision maker does not address the fee distribution in approving the fee agreement.

If a co-representative who did not sign the agreement waives charging and collecting a fee, SSA will not consider that representative in fee calculations and will not apportion him or her a share of the authorized fee. For example, if there are two appointed representatives and one waived his or her fee, SSA will pay the entire fee to the representative who did not waive his or her fee.

When SSA has withheld title II or title XVI past-due benefits for a representative's fee, SSA will certify direct payment to the representatives eligible to receive direct fee payment in separate checks.

Refer to Program Operations Manual System GN 03920.050A for procedures SSA follows in releasing past-due benefits.