I-1-2-45.Adjudicator Requests Administrative Review of the Amount of the Fee — Initial Procedures

Last Update: 4/8/21 (Transmittal I-1-100)

To request administrative review of the fee amount a representative will receive under the fee agreement process, an adjudicator who favorably decides a claim(s) must:

To ensure timely filing of a request for administrative review, the adjudicator may include in the decisional paragraph of the fully or partially favorable decision, language indicating an interest in receiving information about the fee amount, including the Notice of Award. Alternatively, the adjudicator may ask support staff to set a diary to check the Online Retrieval System (ORS) for a copy of the Notice of Award or other notice with the fee amount information. If a notice does not include the fee amount (i.e., “neutral language” indicating the processing center cannot set the fee), support staff will set another diary and check the ORS at a later date.

When support staff attempts to obtain a copy of the notice by checking ORS, support staff will set relatively short diary dates to follow up. On receipt, support staff will immediately deliver the notice to the adjudicator so that the adjudicator can determine whether to submit a request for administrative review of the fee amount. See sample memorandum for an adjudicator to request administrative review of fee amount at HALLEX I-1-2-103.