I-1-7-91.Exhibit - Sample Notice to Claimant - Class Member Claim and Subsequent (Current) Claim Have No Issues in Common

Last Update: 9/14/05 (Transmittal I-1-56)

On ____________, you filed a claim for benefits under ((Title II) (Title XVI) or (Titles II and XVI)) of the Social Security Act. As you know, you have requested a hearing on that claim. I have also received your prior claim(s) filed on ____________, for which you requested review under the _____________ class action, and have determined that you are a member of the class. I have reviewed (both or all) claims and have decided not to combine them for adjudication purposes. This is because your class member claim and your current claim do not have issues in common that would permit them to be combined. Therefore, I am returning your prior claim(s) to the (name of state, e.g., Tennessee) Disability Determination Service for appropriate action under the ___________ class action.

I will continue to process your request for hearing in connection with your claim of ___________ and notify you of the results of my action. (Modify the following sentence as necessary.) This office will communicate with you at a later date concerning the scheduling of a hearing.

If you have any questions concerning your prior claim(s), please contact your local Social Security Office.