I-1-7-93.Exhibit - Sample Order of Dismissal

Last Update: 9/14/05 (Transmittal I-1-56)

This case is before the Administrative Law Judge pursuant to a request for hearing filed on _______________ with respect to the application(s) filed on _________________.

In reviewing the claimant's request for hearing, the undersigned has also reviewed the prior (inactive) claim(s) that the claimant requested SSA to readjudicate under the ___________ class action. The undersigned has determined that the subject claims have common issues and that consolidation at the (name of state, e.g., Tennessee) Disability Determination Service is appropriate. Accordingly, the undersigned hereby dismisses without prejudice the request for hearing.

The claimant's current application(s) will be associated with the prior claim(s) and forwarded to the (name of state, e.g., Tennessee) Disability Determination Service, which will conduct the required readjudication.

If the Disability Determination Service issues a determination that is unfavorable, either in whole or in part, it will advise the claimant of the right to file a new request for hearing.